Fun Game and Challenging

Learning the Bible is easy and fun using Bible Sword Sharpener Quiz. This free game can bring you closer to God

Learn quickly, sharpen daily.

Jesus used just one weapon when he was tested. He quoted the Word of God. Now you can too.

Updates Regulary

Help grow the game. Updates to come will include the verses you suggest. Comment in the Play Store.

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* A well-stocked Shop with great help.
* Use Hints to eliminate half the answers
* Time Increase and Bonuses so you get more Gold and Points for every correct answer.
* Level Bonus gives more Points and Gold the higher the Play Level
* Always shows the correct answer, so you can learn it
* Saves your High Scores
* Music that makes you feel ready for battle


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What users are saying...

A Google user

August 21, 2018
I can definitely say that this app helps greatly to keep you in faith and sharpens your knowledge of the Bible verses and the most exciting part is the colors along with the great challenge of choosing the correct answer.